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September 14, 2010

What do Butterflies, ants, and hornets have in common? A bad course.

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You arrived like butterflies, went out like ants, and came back like hornets.  Our deepest apologies for the CBS Studios run last week.  It ended up being the race that everyone ran whatever course they could devise and came back when they felt like it.  We have never seen so many get so lost on any course before.  We took the brunt of your inquiries upon your return since we were the timing company and at the finish line. So sorry for the event course mix up. The event was for a great cause.  They assured us that they would monitor the course better next year.  Trivia course info.  The lead female runner in the 10K is also an avid horse woman.  She is training a three year old that she fancies and calls FANCY. She invited me to ride her beauty after a race.  I appreciated the break from timing and the chance to reminisce childhood moments on a horse.  My sister had earned her own money and bought a horse when I was in Junior High. We pulled weeds and did landscaping all through High School to pay for food and board and rode and rode and rode.  She allowed me to show her horse in shows.  Good times.  My sister now owns a riding ranch and with over 30 horses!   Meet Kathleen Evans horse Fancy.  She has something in common with the owner.  They both run fast!

Thank you, Kathy, for letting me ride your horse.

  It has been interesting taking the time to meet people behind the bibs.

  The CBS Studios Ovarian Cancer run got very interesting when this pod

  of  gifted, athletic looking women about my age greeted me and said that

  the common factor amoung them is that they had all had dated my ‘voice.’

  Too interesting.

 By the way, we also Timed the Santa Monica 5000 with its spectacular

crowd of elite runners and its pack of 3,000 trailing them.  The lead runner

 clipped that course in 13:58…a road race 5K.  Wow, beyond wow.

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