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September 13, 2010

Yoga: stretch to fit flexibility in my schedule!

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I am still feeling pain and tension in my feet and ankles. They are just plain, ouchy sore. Still.  It is over a month since the OUTBACK. How do you mileagers keep doing this week after week, month after month?  Guess the amazing body adjusts to it.   My poor feet do not want to let me run around the block.  So I am backing off the mileage for a month and beefing up the core conditioning.  Since I am on the go, go, go and have to live out of that clank, clank, clank rolling luggage , lug…lug…I had one of my staff help me install a program called P90X on my lap top.  It has a 1 to 1 /2 hour routine set for each day and appears to me to be very balanced.  This will help focus my all over the map approach to what kind of training I should do today.  For the next 90 days, I just follow the videos and throw in my runs.  There’s my ‘off season’ work.

 I am interested to see what the CORE results will be.  I have seen the CORE results on one of my staff.  We happened to be hiking to a lake at 10,000 feet  on his 90th completion day. We celebrated by taking pictures of the his credible poise, balance, abs, and such that he had developed over the course of just following the guy on the v ideo.   All that body conditioning from YOGA and lifting?

 I had been running alone on the Rim of the World High School track . (Not too many places in California one can train at over 6,000).  So it was welcomed company when a  lady stepped out of her car, warmed up, and took off jogging pretty fluidly around the track.  I could tell she was doing something other than running. She said her key to fitness at her age (which happened to be mine) was YOGA.  She said she was an ultra athlete…ultra runner, ultra triathloner, and  ultra hiker.  Then her muscles began to age and lose elasticity. Her joints hurt.  Her hips flexors stayed too tight.  YOGA she smiled was helping keep the firmness and flexibility.  My hurting muscles told me to give it a try.  But the try is coming Caren Style in the form of P90X with certain days and weeks dedicated to yoga and others to arms, abs, legs, plyos, etc..  I will let you know how it goes.  I am going to keep up the running three days a week ,with a fourth day of cross training. AND AND AND…I am going to plan the next remote adventure marathon while keeping up with timing all your fall races.  Check out and our calender section and race on!  I know I am.  And keep journeying with me as I discover new faces, new places; both  inside myself and out there in that jam, crammed world.   I can’t even balance on my own two feet.  This ought to be interesting.

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