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August 30, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

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Seattle has a great downtown.  In between the duties of timing an event we choose no sleep over seeing the city. I decided to show my staff how to eat their way through a city.  And I concluded Seattle is one of my favorite places to do that. I didn’t have to travel a hemisphere away.  Seattle has a picturesque skyline that was fun to view the Space Needle.  After a fast paced day darting in and out of shops and soaking in the personalities of every vendor at the farmer’s market, we dined to the setting sun at the Sky City restaurant atop the Space Needle. The restaurant rotates 360 degrees and you are treated to a rotational view of Seattle while comforting over a fine meal and rememising. We found a store that specialized in hundreds of popcorn flavors.  Check out  May I recommend the rocky road popcorn!  To die for. At the  fish market the fish monger let us play with his crabs.  You can order fresh catch and have it shipped  to your doorstep.  check out .  You would be the hit of any bar-b-que!  There was also a shop that sold assortments of cheesecake cupcakes, and another that sold pastas or ,  and one with spices , and another with teas, and  a jelly and jam booth, and cookies that look like cow droppings .  But it was the eccentrics ‘jamming’ in the streets that caught most of our conversation.  Best of all an azspergers dude that played the piano so fast, furiously, and constant his fingers were bandaged and bleeding, but he was made top play that piano and NO ONE was going to talk him out of it.

Seattle, coffee is not the only BEST you have.  Everything seemed fresh and refreshing.  Got an A rating from me.  I even ran the downtown area.  I have to say that turned into interval training as the run turned was regulated by the stop lights on every block.  So I turned it into a game. I sprinted each block and only get to rest as long as the light took.  Downtown actually has some hills.  Got challenging.

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