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August 28, 2010

Made of IRON!

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These boys were obvious SWIMMERS.

I really enjoy timing these IRONKID events because they are classy, well done venues done in great outdoor locations encouraging kids to put some pedal to the medal, dare to wade into water, and run their hearts out.  The kids are endorphoned over the chance to TRI.  This particular girl stood out to me.  I could tell she was focused, trained, and enjoying the chance to compete.  I could tell the family was very about being an active family.  I jumped out of the chutes to meet them.  Lindsey Bradley is a straight A 13 year old that runs cross country and track and uses the huge hill outside of her home to train on.  Her dad was an avid cyclist and her brother holds national titles in ‘practical pistol’.  Now that is an unusual discipline.  The father and son participate in active shooting competitions.  They didn’t even need to tell me that their daughter holds records in the 800, 1500, and cross country.  Determination written into her character told me that.  And they didn’t need to tell me that they were proud and supportive of her.  That was obvious in how they surrounded her throughout the competition.  In fact, all the parents did.  Especially in the junior divisions.  I think the parents ran further than the kids trying to snap pictures and yell from every angle of the course. Definitely this TRI series was giving kids the chance to be MADE OF IRON.A Made of IRON family. The Bradleys.

I took the chance to run along the lake at the event.  The Pacific Northwest is so made for that.  Crisp air, pluffy clouds, green grass, wind whipping through your hair, people walking dogs, riding mountain bikes, all driving…hey..OUTBACK Subarus!  And the blackberries are ripe for the picking on any trail or path you run.  (Ps.  the Achilles is really hurting me)

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