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August 27, 2010

No reason for ALARM

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I want to tell you about my childhood and the why of why I don’t communicate well.  Why I don’t know myself well.  I want to tell you about lunch with my dad.  And the book I read on narcissism called Trapped in the Mirror.  I want to tell you some stories that will help you understand me.  And why lion roar anger throws me overboard. 

But instead I am getting vehicle DMV tags updated and buying a car off the lot to replace the Pruis .  The car I just finished paying off got had been totaled in…you guessed it, an accident, opps, while I was in the land down under. So maybe un-coincidentally  I am choosing to buy a Subaru OUTBACK.  Outback seems to theme and fit this year, and this vehicle is made for my snow potential mountain and the extra gear I end up hauling.  A safe, sound personal vehicle to get my daughter to school and me out of lugging a huge truck through LA. Maybe the ‘accident’ rate will diminish.

And, by the way, I have to catch a flight to Seattle for the timing of another Ironkid’s race. It is 111 degrees in San Bernardino.  I slept through the alarm.  Talk about alarmed. I might miss the flight is how I will leave today’s blog.

Keys to a new car...and PAYMENTS!

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