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August 14, 2010

Good-bye, Mattie

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Good-bye vast, undisturbed, exotic Australian Outback with your red earth and your almost successful claim to cramp my muscles and deny me a marathon finish.  Still nursing some of your soreness, but warrior-ously  your medal will hang on my wall with inerasable memories.  You were classy, starry, full of vibrant color.  The best sunsets of my life.  Reparative.  And I recognize,  Mr. and Mrs. Aborigine, what it means to fear that a culture could rip your children right from your loving clutches.  I have my own parenting stories of  America thieving my teens. Good-bye kangaroos, koalas, little cuddly owls, and Tasmanian devils.  Nice to have met you and some great Aussies plus interesting people traveling from all over.  Dan, keep clapping your way through life despite the loss of your hands.  Thank- you Allan and Travis for opening your homes and sharing your love for sport and surf.  Good-bye Tasmanian orchards, vineyards, and beaches at the end of the earth.  Your sunsets quieted me.  And New Zealand!  What a day to land on your soil.  Invited to share the spirited of an “All Blacks”  rugby game against the Wallabies. You gave a mom and a son bonding time over rails, sails, glacier climbs, and had a “wicked” experience bouncing down the road in one of your backpacker vans.  We are still screeching over the ‘attack’ of the mountain parrots.

So good bye to the road less traveled for now and back to Los Angeles with the screwiest  flights ever.  A landing at LAX with its interrogational customs processing, and a domestic flight down to San Diego to retrieve the vehicle, and a drive all the way back to LA to spend an afternoon with my visiting dad, with a drive to the valley for a class for my daughter, with a return back to our mountain home at 1am, to a weekend of timing races on jet leg.  My time spent wandering through remote places rewards the scurry, reminds my soul who I really am and ought to be. ‘No worries.  Have a good day, mate.”

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