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August 14, 2010


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Tour buses.  One day on then I know I have to put the grandest  “X”, NOT on their option box.  They dull me, lull me, and drop me into boredom just by the idea of them.  Even in this country that captivates around every turn.  I don’t think any other place on earth has surf to the right, rain forest on the left, and glaciated, snow capped Alps as the forever backdrop.  And yet, there are bus drivers.  And they seem universally poured in a mold.  They droon, stop at non picturesque cafes that will service them free coffee, have a wife and a house somewhere, and never been anywhere, but their bus route. Sigh.  Ugh. 

I tried heartily to entertain myself.  Taking pictures with the ice cream sign like it was one of the seven wonders of the world.  I actually laid in the middle of the road and took a picture.  No one on this road for miles except a café with a free cup of coffee to the driver.   The orchard stand saved me.  I got to sample kiwi fruit in all its forms, fresh and dried. We toured from Franz  Joseph Glacier down south to snow ski town of Queenstown, luckily arriving at the hue-iest of sunsets.  This flushed the postal need in me to beat the droony bus driver with a stick and liven him up.  My son and I got off the bus and I vowed to find other moods of transport in our few days left.  We were dropped off into skisville at a top notch hotel.  Queenstown was buzzing with nicely jacketed (called jumpers in this part of the world) people, stepping off of shuttles buses with their skis, boards, boats, and smiles. No need to ask if the skiing was good.  The restaurants, pubs, and town produced the same smile and buzzed late into the night.  Most had welcoming fires roaring and it was fun to be in such a town so similar to Mammoth Mountain or the Swiss Alps with a lake reflecting it all.  Cold.  -2 degrees Celsius.

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