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August 13, 2010

Aches and pangs…and pain

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Can I express physical concerns.  (Notice, there is no ? to that.  You are a blog, so I get to tell you whether you want to hear or not.) I am concerned that my muscle tone and speed have diminished as I have increased the milege.  And because proper amounts of sleep haven’t been a readily available commodity these past months, my strength and endurance has been waning, not to mention my esteem and confidence in doing brazen body things.  The Outback Marathon chewed up my bands and the faithful Achilles is definitely talking to me.  I stubbornly rubbed it on the bus ride along  the West Coast of New Zealand.  It then shot knife piercing pain up my leg when I pivoted to talk to my son once arrived in Franz Joseph.  What was that? We were there to climb a glacier the next morning.  I am passing into the second week since the marathon, but my knee tendons are still tight and sore and the Achilles is clearly agitated.  So here’s my concern, my biggest dilemma.  The balance between adequate recovery and rest and staying in adequate enough shape.  As I travel, I am letting my body rest, but I can feel the pounds turning from muscle to mush in this short amount of time. Actually, I am pigging out.  I like meat pies and pastry bakeries and potatoes and gravy, lamb and kiwi fruit, and, and, and and. How are all these runners doing marathons back to back, week after week? Right now it hurts to run. I want to look fit, but be fit, be fast, but be able to run long.  Is this yet, another THIS and THAT?  Am I obsessing about it.  Absolutely.  That marathon took a lot of me and out of me…and a big chuck of my fitness level.

I have a more serious problem to bring up.  I am having pain in my right kidney. I recognize it with grave respect for what it may be…a kidney stone.  I had one four years ago.  An analysis determined it was un-dissolved protein from protein shakes and not enough water.  The Outback was naturally dehydrating despite the winter temperatures.  It is just dry, dry, dry air.  Had I given my body a new challenge? Had I not hydrated enough? This could be a traveling nightmare.

Four years ago, the pains started in the same area in the same warning way…rolling in and out like labor pains before it actually dislodged and did what only kidney stones could do.  Put the pain level to a 10 and require hospital help.  I had the kidney stone during a huge race in Santa Monica.  The race director had contacts, good contacts, and put us up in the ViceRoy.  5 star wasted on me as I lay on the marble floor of the room’s bathroom, not yet aware that this was a kidney stone attack.  Being the computer  operator for the day, I couldn’t do anything but sweat from the pain and time thousands of runners.  The exact second the results page printed out I hollered at my , then, sixteen year old son and told him he was going to have to drive me to a hospital.  Not any hospital.  Kaiser, which was hours away from here.  He had just gotten his license and was trying to drive Los Angeles notorious packed freeways while I writhed in the passenger seat. Never seeing me in this much pain.  Scared.  My son more than once demanded we pull over and call 911.  I was too unsure of the financial consequences of that and begged him on.  He did a valiant job of driving as fast as he could legally get there.  I must have been a case because he drove right up and onto the sidewalk in front of urgent care and bellowed for someone to save his mom.  I am overly active, but not overly dramatic.  This took a lot of real pain to get both of us drama-ing this dramtically.

I have a 15 hour flight back in a few days.  I could only picture having a kidney stone take its tumble on a plane.  I hope to will it not.  Couldn’t put my son through that twice. I hope to at least land in the states. Ouch, kidney.  Buying cranberry juice.

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