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August 8, 2010

In Search of a KIWI

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What in the world is a Kiwi?  I know it only exists in New Zealand.  So I searched it out.  Here is a KIWI.  He can be a tall, handsome New Zealander.  This one advertises for Glacier climbs!  It is suppose to resemble a dinosaur that once walked this island.  But what is a KIWI?  My son and I finally found one in a some coastal town on the West end of the South Island in an eco system refuge.  A KIWI is a nocturnal bird that wanders through the forest poking this long needle nosed beak in stumps looking for bugs and termites.  I think it eats plants because we watched in this darkened display as one picked at a plant.  They are the cutest, silliest looking web footed, wobbley, feathered thing. This one was quite big, the size of an overfed cat. Like the aborigines, this national bird will go un photographed.  We were instructed that it is a federal offense to take flash pictures of the endangered bird.  It freaks it out, makes it flutter and crash into objects, thus crushing its chest bone, and killing the bird on the spot.  No wonder they are near extinct.  We decided a by passed photo was better than a stay in their federal jail with the murder of a bird on our hands. I think I will stick to climbing a glacier tomorrow as an alternative activity to frightening a bird to death.

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