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August 7, 2010

Setting on the end of the earth

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Quietest day of my life


I love Tasmania.  It is under down under and feels like it. I have never met a more inviting people.  The land is quaint, has snow capped mountains,  hearty agricultured rolling hills,  and  tall exotic rain forested foilage. The rental car  came back to the airport splattered in mud, but it ventured down to the furthest, most southern point a car can get.  And there, in communion with the wind and the waves, I had the quietest day of my life. This was Solitude.When I was on the lake shelf at 12000 feet in the Tetons it was as if there was nothing above me save the God that created it all.  Here on this solitary beach with only my footprints, God was bigger than that never ending ocean.  Bigger than the vastness of the Outback. Bigger than any problem I could create. And able to cast hues on my life more meaningful than the colors in this sky if I let Him.  The sun set and it did not matter if I was there to view it or not.  It would have been spectacular gone unnoticed.  Maybe that is what God is like.  Going about being spectacular whether we notice or not.  I was overwhelmed to be His audience on this day in this land so far down under viewing the setting sun from here.

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