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August 7, 2010

Dancing in the streets. It’s all about Rugby

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Landed in Christchurch, New Zealand  on  a rugby match day between the All Blacks Kiwi team and the Aussie Wallabies team.  New Zealanders are as passionate about Rugby as the Australians are about Cricket.  Over 70,000 fans were pouring into the stadium for their form of our Superbowl.  My son and I jumped into the crowd and followed them to the stadium where we ate a burger in a crowded burger shop that was sporting a Rugby burger and beer special. (Roo burgers with Kangaroo meat for the gang in green and yellow jerseys and Kiwi burgers with lamb meat for the cheerful black marked faces.  The spirit of sport was contagious. This is such a friendly place.

Two Kiwis shared their bar stools and bench with us, sharing their spiced chips and pleasant smiles. They explained that Rugby was just a part of their love for their nation. They walked hand and hand.  They had grown up with it.  It was a way of life, a good life. John and Kevin were their names.  Seemed appropriate I never got their surnames.  This is a land on first name basis.  Glad to have met you.  We know you loved the game.  Their team dominated.  We watched much of the game on a big screen in a pub and heard the winning roars from the stadium from the balcony of our hotel.  It sounded like bringing in the New Year, there was that much celebration.  And the celebrating carried through the night as I feel asleep to the party sounds drifting up from the streets.

We had an am train to catch which  I am currently railing along on.  I can tell we are traversing through Alps, lakes, river gullies, and such, but we are disappointingly socked in with a snow storm that is giving us only small glimpses of the countryside.

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