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August 6, 2010


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Brutal face for a brutal fighter!


flying over Tasmania to land in Hobart introduces you to land that is laced with mountains, trees, lakes, bays, coastline, and invitation.  My son and I are on our own now.  My daughter flew out of Melbourne to attend acting classes.  We rented a car and are adrenalized trying to drive on their side of the street.  We headed straight out of town to Port Arthur and in hunt of Tasmanian devils.

Our first sightings sadly to say were swashed bodies on the side of the road.  Along with a lot of wallabies.  Nocturnal, they get consequences from crossing the streets.   Their road crossing signs are meant for warning, not for tourist entertainment, but we had to snap a picture of one.  You don’t see these anywhere else on earth.  We went to an animal conservatory and learned all about the carnivorous little marsupial  that growls like a devil.  As we were viewing the little devils, a toddler’s binky dropped out of her mouth and bounced down in the Tasmanian refuge area.  Two devils were on the prized toy and devoured it with their sharp teeth in seconds to the terror of the toddlers little older sisters.  I have never seen so many tears over what they were calling a “dummy” in their little Aussie accidents.  “Save the dummy.  Oh, poor dummy. It’s our sister’s little dummy.”  The Tasmanian Devil is suffering from a frightful cancer that has knocked out nearly 80 percent of the island’s population and threatening extinction.  This conservatory was one of many to help try and save them.  It is kind of a ugly creature that grows on you.

We are off to explore the south shores, wineries, apple orchards, and Brunny island keeping that curb lane to the left of our car and playing round robin every time we walk back to the car forgetting the driver’s wheel is on the right.  Weird on the brain.

I am a little more tore up from the Marathon that I want to admit. I ran a few laps around an oval “football” field and my Achilles and tendons in my feet are talking to me.  I will have to make a point of adding feet toughen uppers to my workouts.

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