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August 4, 2010

Met a Tall, Skinny Guy in Melbourne

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Worth puckering up for...

From the Outback, we made our way to Melbourne in Southern Australia.  We were met at the airport by a Melbournian, Allan Wood, a 72 year old Masters track athlete.  I had met him at the World Games in Australia and he had begged for a return journey to Australia to include Melbourne and the chance for him to share his city.  He took his job seriously and wisped us to downtown with a Thai lunch and  a tour of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Grounds), a huge sports complex that can hold over 100,000 spectators.  The Australians LOVE sport.  All kinds of sport, but track, soccer, Cricket, and their form of football without pads and a whole lot of cardio running seem to be a passion.  They don’t just spectate about it.  They play it.  Tracks, sport complexes, and playing fields are everywhere with everyone is on them.  I loved them back for this.

So, truth is.  I really had to search to find this tall, skinny guy in Melbourne.  Most Aussies are fit, fit, fit and have a great combination of carefree with the rough and tumble.  They love competition and make it a way of life for them.  They seem to LOVE to be playing on grass and outside no matter the weather.  Cricket impressed me as I watched athletes training to pitch at speeds of 100mph.  I didn’t get any part of the game, but the dedication and athleticism didn’t have to be explained.  This 72 year old knew every athlete, his accomplishments, the coaches, the strategies, what they ate for breakfast even.

We got an opportunity to hang with Allan’s son who owned and operated a B&B on the Pennisula.  He was a well sought after sound man/cameraman and had spent years on the production crew of The Great Outdoors.  He was the epitome of surfs up Aussie.  Charming, sheepish, athletic, fearless, traveled, and so about catching the next wave.  We chatted travel stories over fish and chips, cider beers, and shooting games of pool.  Despite the pouring rain and getting soaked head to toe, I took snaps of this surfer’s paradise coastline.  California, this is hard to beat.

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