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August 3, 2010

The sun set…

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The event ended with an evening that was beyond magical.  We were bused out to another remote location in an already remote place.  Cloth draped round tables , candles, wine glasses, and  black tied caterers stood in wait. They were palming hor’derves of kangaroo pâté and crocodile meat and ushering us to glasses of Champaign glimmering in the lingering sunlight.  We, some of us still limping, serenely walked up a hill to gaze at this place that is like no other on earth. A few trees with their long leaved limbs danced with our hearts in the gentle breeze.  Though the evening was growing cold, the hues spreading across the corner to corner horizon more than warmed.  It was all too good.  All too worth it.  We mingled amongst each other and didn’t even need to say too much or share a word.  We were kin.  We were bonded and the sun was setting solely for us and solely on our great experience.  I didn’t race against it here.  I stood and embraced it and thanked that God that was responsible for splashing it across our sky for our eyes. I thanked him for my children, my fumbled life, and the promise to look at the setting sun in a different way.

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