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July 30, 2010

Give this man a hand…

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Dan and his family

I met an amazing family you just have to met.  Their daughter is teaching in Australia and they are from Canada.  They said their last name was the same as an Australian cigeratte…Windfield or something.  I didn’t catch their name, but I caught their vibes.  They were enjoying traveling and loving time spent with their daughter.  But most impressive was the cheerful and adept way the man operating with two steel hand.  Not crushed, but assure and willing to make life work with the challenge of having these.  Somehow, I could tell this was a newly found challenge.

He shared that five years ago, the auger of his hay machine grabbed the flap of his cardifth jacket, spun him around, and tethering him, and sucked him right through the machine, hands held out to stop the unstoppable. Had it not been for the fast action of his nephew that used string and a tourniquet plus an airlift he would not be here in the middle of the Outback enjoying his family.  You could tell that he had chosen to live in that thankfulness rather than be broken  spirited by the loss of hands.

The new challenge became how to operate a farm by his voice and not his hard work.  They hired people.  He also had a successful manufacturing business that he had to teach others how to make his machines.  The newly sufficient way of operating allowed him to travel and here he was with a grin and a chipper attitude.  I was thankful to have met them.

His good humor was contagious.  He asked my daughter for my blog website and said, “I’ll write it down.  Oh…no I can’t write it down.”  He giggled a sincere laugh at the funniness of the sentence and walked on through his new journey in life.

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