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July 29, 2010

Floral, Flauna, and wildlife..just a train ride out of Sydney

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When I competed at the World Games last October, I found  the Featherdale Wildlife Preserve in Blacktown easily accessible by a one hour train ride and a taxi jaunt. There are so many birds and animals unique to Australia it is stunning, spell bounding.  We spent half a day mingling with boxing kangeroos and cuddling sleeping Kolas (who sleep over 18 hours a day…wonder what I would be like if I got that kind of rest!)

We then continued on for another hours ride to the town of Katoomba and the Blue Moutains. It is the Grand Canyon of Australia and despite the rain, we took sky rides and rails to the bottom of the rain forest.  We had a very quaint dinner in a Thai House in Leuara.  There were roaring fires in the fireplaces.  If was actually cold and the warmth inviting.  It was a purely pleasuareable travel day.

Cockatoos perched and flying everywhere

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