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July 26, 2010

Got a flat tired…

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I just couldn’t resolve to run marathons.  I tried to stay the track trained athlete also.  That potpourri part of me that likes to taste three food choices at once glued with the driven and accomplished side,  flew this past week up to Sacramento and ran in the USA Track & Field National Championships.  The choice to pursue two physical attempts (long distance mileage and fast turn over 800s, jumps, and hurdles) at once put the big bad WALL in front of me and I did a body plant smack into it. 

I am exhausted.  Inside and out.  Months on end of setting up races at 3am.  (I heard someone exclaim, up mean there is another 3 o’clock other than 3 pm?! Yes, some of us get to diligently work the am hours.) Couple that with the hidden drain of everything from a 25 year marriage becoming “former” and I  am no longer invincible.  Bottomed out.  It seemed cruel.  It felt harsh.  But then something in it felt real.  No pretending here.  I was really tired.  And I was really ready to learn to just  “be”…”become”.  I liked my hotel choice.

 I was staying at the Citizen Hotel ( in downtown Sacramento.  It had a great reception area, a restaurant and lounge pleasantly worth hanging in, and a funk coffee shop around one corner and a crepe place around the other.  All I wanted to do was hang there, have my rental car door opened for me by valets, and just chill.

Instead, I spent an intense day competing in the multi-event  Penthalon.  That is 5 events in one day with combined points in the hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump, and 800m. Over the past 7 years,  I have  won 17 National Championship Titles, hold an American Masters record in the Decathlon, and  won a World Championship  Title in the 400m hurdles.  This did not come without focused and immense training.   And it was powered by my immense love for the sport and the character lessons it derives. 

2010 USA Masters Nationals Track & Field: Pent

Gold medal jump, but scratched!

The Sacramento summer was “frying eggs on the tarmac” hot.  I was dehydrating as the day progressed and 16 of us competitors in my female bracket took turns throwing and jumping.  It hasn’t mattered in the past.  In fact, the harsher the conditions, the better I gear in and overtake my competitors.  That was not to be at this national meet.  I kept feeling like an elephant was stepping on my chest and I recognized that burning feeling in my lungs from the smog filled days of my youth in LA.  I couldn’t believe this central valley air was so dirty and hard to breathe.  Within the first strides of the 800 I was wheezing although properly warmed up. I guess I had what everyone could obviously hear…and asthma attack.  I had to back off and stumble in on the slowest 800 I have ever clocked.  Wow.  Humbling.  I still took second and was surprised that the jumping and hurdling were innately trained in me.  I have not  been able to put any time on the track.All the scores across the board were my worst ever…and by a long shot.  Just was what it was. The girls in the pent wanted to know what happened.  ‘We expected you to lead the race like you always do.  It was as if your car got a flat and you just bumped along on in.”  Yep.  Thanks what happens when you run on worn out tires.

Shot putting. My weakest event.

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