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July 26, 2010

All washed up…

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I landed in the all too complicated LAX and it took me hours to get back to the long-term parking and hours to drive over the 405 through night freeway construction to arrive at a dumpy, tucked away motel to time a race on Saturday morning.  A team of my staff had packed and prepped the race.  We snatched a few hours of sleep and did that AM thing of being there in the dark and setting up.  We were timing the RUN for Rosanna at Balboa Park in Van Nuys.

The staff did an excellent job bringing all the right materials for the event save some extra gas for a generator.  As they expertly set up the scaffolding and registration area I took my truck and went for gas.  The truck had gotten dusty from sitting in the parking structure and somehow, a trillion little ants had found their way through the door jam and into a bag that had muffin crumbs in it.  I was swatting the black darting buggers as I drove.  This was unlivable.

So I purchased a car wash and put quarters in the vacuum.  I had no mercy sucking up the trillion little darting specs.  And I proudly drove back to the event with a sparkling white truck.  Bum, I didn’t notice that the back windows on the shell were open.  We had done that to preserve the vats of strawberries  given us at the Strawberry Fields event.  All my luggage.  All my track equipment.  All my electronics: camera, chargers, Ipod were floating in a pool of water.  Slosh.  Slosh.  Really.  Dang.  They were all packed and ready to go to Australia.

I remember being on the phone to a client when I, in my multi-task state, entered a car wash.  We were in the depths of a business conversation when a hydrolic pressure forced blast plastered me.  I had left the passenger window down.  I yelped and fumbled for the key to turn the engine on and get the window up, but not before the entire cab and my business attired self was drenched.  I relocated the phone and the voice was still on the other end.  Totally entertained, he said, “Did you just go through the car wash with your window down?”  He laughed. “I wouldn’t go around admitting that to too many people.”

Run for Rosanna was a quaint, touching race that made my staff smile and feel glad they got to share in the celebration of the life of Rosanna who dropped dead at 24 years young from a heart condition. People had fun at the race.  The overfastest runners ended up being Bill Shuey and Emily Rose.  They both work at RUNNERGY, the running store on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks.  Both are amazing athletes.  Bill Shuey clocked a time of 17:03 and Emily 17:18 (amazing for a woman!).  Emily taunted Bill with the offer to buy his race entry if he would have the guts to run in a speedo!  He was gutsy!

BILL SHUEY dared to!You can get away with a lot when you are fast!I liked how this boy was dressed! FUN

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