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July 20, 2010

IBERRIES. It is worth picking!

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Hey runners.  I don’t know about you, but my new found LOVE is treating myself to self serve yogurt…good wholesome yogurt with fresh toppings…and “fill the void” crushed candy bars, hot fudge drippings, and you name it- anything Chocolate.  It waterfalls through my stomach cavities with precious carbs my body craves to keep up the running! I have developed a relationship with MENCHIES and know that there is one on Laurel Canyon just north of the 101 , one on Ventura Blvd just east of Woodman in Sherman Oaks, and yahoo, I spotted on on Artesia Blvd heading to Redondo Beach.  Yum.

And here’s another highly SPECIAL YOGURT SHOP  because I found out it is owned and operated by a runner and it is uniquely GREEN.  IBERRIES in Rolling Hills Estates.  They set it up to be environmentally friendly and computerly techy in a very inviting town so worth running around in.  To introduce runners there, the owner is putting on a run in the fall to show people a new, fun place to hang for the day. The Rolling Hills Promenade.  A place to bring a computer, sit outside, and enjoy fresh yogurt.  It is a feels good for sure.  I liked it.

It is cute to hear how games played as a child instilled a love for running!


 My name is Brian Reitmeier.  I have loved running all my life.  In grade school we played this game at recess called smear where whoever had the ball, you guessed it, got smeared.  When I had the ball rarely did anybody catch me.  I ran and ran till the chasers had to rest, game over.  Unlike the majority of my classmates I did not stay at school and eat lunch in the cafeteria.  I choose to run the mile to my house where my dear Mother had my lunch hot and ready.  After a two-minute meal I was out the door running as fast as I could back to school.  I was so motivated to get back to school and play that smear game that many times I was the first one back out on the playground, beating all the kids who ate their lunch at school.

In High school I ran track in the spring.  I ran the 880 and mile.  Never won any races but I at least placed a few times.  I did not run that much in college, there were way too many distractions like parties and extracurricular activities.

Shortly after I graduated I was lucky enough to get a job at a major aerospace company that recognized the value of exercise and fit employees.  They promoted exercise during lunch and I fully took advantage of this company policy.  This is when I started my serious training.  I and fellow employees would run between 8 to 10 miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and run intervals on a track on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I would schedule my lunch-time workouts just as I would schedule any other meeting.  It was fantastic; it felt like I was getting paid to run.  As a product of this training schedule I soon produced my 2:56:12 marathon PR and my 37:14:10 10K PR.

Now I am 49 and still running but mostly running my new business.  After 27 years in the aerospace business I decide I wanted a new challenge so I and a partner opened iBerries Frozen Yogurt.  We loved yogurt and had some ideas that we thought could distinguish ourselves from our competition.  It was our goal to open a self-serve yogurt store that put emphasis on offering the newer, lighter, and tart yogurt that truly offered the benefits of healthy probotics while at the same time being delicious to the taste.  We also wanted to put much effort in offering a wide array of fresh fruit as a topping for our yogurt.  We envisioned a store design that was fresh, bright, and pleasing on the eyes.  We wanted to incorporate green building concepts into our design such as LED lighting, recycled materials, and no emission VOC paints.  Finally, we wanted to tie all of these elements together in a high-tech environment, hence iBerries was born.

My weekly mileage is now down to less than 30 miles per week but I enjoy each run so much.  iBerries is located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the city of Rolling Hills Estates, so there are some great places to run.  The entire peninsula is laced with horse and hiking trails.  This provides some of the best and challenging places to run.  It is so enjoyable to go out on an early morning trail run where you rarely see a single car.  The trails can be anywhere from moderate to very difficult.  Whenever I get the opportunity I sneak out from iBerries and enjoy a run, and afterwards enjoy a delicious iBerries Frozen Yogurt!  A cup of iBerries is the perfect treat after a run to re-nourish you.  At approximately 100 calories per 4 ounces you can pile on the fresh fruit toppings and eat guilt free. 

Come visit me at iBerries and we can exchange run stories and adventures.  iBerries is located at: 550 Deep Valley Drive #149, Rolling Hills Estates, CA.  90274.  Also, when you stop by I can tell you about the event I am putting together in October later this year.  The Promenade on the Peninsula 5K Run/Walk & Fitness Expo.  This is going to be a fun and fast race that loops 3 times through the Promenade Mall and adjacent streets.  We have great cash prizes for the overall male and female winners, generous gym memberships for age division winners, free food, snacks, and beverages for all runners, and a raffle for neat prizes.  That’s just the run, directly after the run we have a host of stage performances lined up which includes Nia Dance, Zumba Dance, Tae Kwon Duo exhibitions, and more!   See you at iBerries!

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