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July 20, 2010

A thoughtful letter of encouragement /Australian Outback Marathon around the corner.

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This was a thoughtful letter that was emailed by a gal who is also running marathons on other continents for the same enhancement I find.  We have something much more in common.  I appreciated her letter as it is a looming thing to tackle…travel.

Dear Caren:

We both have long flights ahead of us and for most people it conjures up nothing but dreadful thoughts about being confined etc but for over achievers like us, I think it positively forces us to “unplug” and just be “still.”  Our minds eventually wind down and decompress and I think our bodies are craving some recovery time right now.  We’re drastically changing our environment and the expectations and new camaraderie of people we’ll be surrounded by coupled with the natural spirit of adventure we’re exposing ourselves too can only enlighten everything about our lives. Just the mere purpose of both our trips is the ideal way for us to reboot the next chapter in our lives. 

 We’re both going to have great races and I’m happy you’re kids are coming with you.  It’s more expensive, but you can’t put a price on that experience.  When you look back at trips do you ever regret the monetary price?  When we spend more we make more. We make it work.  🙂  

 You are a great role model for your kids.  I’m really proud of you and how far you’ve come.  There’s no such thing as “staying the same” you’re either allowing yourself to get worse or striving to make yourself better and you are definitely in tune with progress no matter how small or large each day’s results bring. 

 Go out and make it a great day and keep your eye on that finish line!  We’ll get there!

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