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July 10, 2010

Cache Creek had a Catch…

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I LOVE ,ADORE, UPHOLD, REVERE this Rocky Mountain area.  I even enjoy the tourist side and the chance to rub elbows with the west.  We are the land of the COWBOY.  Something about that saddle up, herd them cows, play the fiddle is so much fun.  Here are some have tos if you come to Jackson.  The BARJ Wranglers is a tourist Chuck Wagon dinner and show..with talented performers who have grown up yodling,  fiddling, plucking, and struming amazing cowboy stage entertainment .  They feed the crowd yum beef, baked beans , and the works slapped on a tin plate. .  It is sheer smiles.  It is part of a yearly tradition to attend when here.  

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Also,a tradition is attending the town Rodeo. It  is on Wednesdays and Saturdays .  The ranch hands come into town to ride the bulls and horses, to rope, and barrel race.    I watch the rodeo every year straddling the fence closest to the bull pins.  I zoom in on chaps and spurs and chalked gloves and grimaces. I put the camera on sports mode and freeze frame bouncing broncos.  I have a wall in my home dedicated to those shots, especially adore that man in jeans and chaps look.

Cache Creek 20K Start

Cache Creek 20K was a small,  unimposing group of healthy, vibrant runners that took off over the pass.  All of them had huge calves, girls included. We raced around the mountain in our car and dirt roaded it back to our finish line set up. One of my staff and I took the trail run back to town after timing the Cache Creek 20K.  Luckily, we came upon a gal that was choosing to run the  11 miles back…just for training.  We were in for a high elevation lesson.  11 miles around town were certainly more taxing at 8000 to 10,000

The finish line at Game Creek

.  Somehow, in this high run off year, the river had risen over the trail and we ended up on a single track mountain bike trail that lead us a long way out of our way.  Down ravines.  Over hills.  Through the dales.  Along flower scaped meadows.  It was all so very gorgeous.  All so remote so close to a town.  And all a LOT further and harder than we expected.  I was tapped out.  My body did not feel well.  It had eaten something the day prior and was physically rebelling.  I threw up only miles into the run.  Then I started to feel the heat of the day and the lack of water.  Guess I knew better.  But you dehydrate at a rapid rate up this high.  We thought we would trot out these miles in less than 2 hours.  3 hours later we were still out there.  We finally spotted towers we knew were atop the ski mountain and ascended to them and cross countried down the steep slopes to the resort parking lot.

For the gal running with us this was all in a great day out in the back country.  No phase to her.  She had just completed an Ironman.  And had won countless trail runs.  I found out her name was Liz.  That she taught highschool English.  That she came to this area to be a ski bum and ended up guiding white water river trips.  That she just took up endurance running and dropped 60 pounds in the process.  That triathlons made her an even stronger body.  She did not have to tell us that she was thrilled to be breathing, living life.  It was engulfing.  She was fun and zealous and much better company to my, “I don’t feel well.   Can’t do it today” self.  She luckily was carrying Gatorade, oranges, and water.  She saved me…but it more ways than one.  It was just a nice experience and made for a nice day to literally RUN ACROSS a nice person that shared the views and valleys with us.  Thank you, Liz.  Liz said, life was not always like this for her.  She said she had miserable years, bouts of suicidal thoughts, and very low esteem.  She said she had get out of a bad marriage.  She had to just take life by the horns and make it something better than it was.  And she was really doing that.  Once in town, everyone seemed to know and appreciate her and her spirit.  I know my staff guy and I did.

Liz not only ran the race, she ran all the way back with us

Thanks, too, to my staff guy who is a tennis player and core fitness buff, not a mileage runner.  He ran me into the ground and handled our 2000 foot detour without a peek or complaint though he had three blisters when we finished.    Chalk that up for a mileage day.


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