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July 7, 2010

The Kiosk says ‘see agent’

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I swiped my credit card at the kiosk.  It messaged back to see agent.  Say what?  I stepped in line.  My turn came.  The lady took my paper confirmation, punched on the computer ,and without looking up said, “Your flight was booked for yesterday.”  She looked past me.  “Next in line.” 

What!!  My flight had been booked on the wrong date?? I had booked this flight to Jackson Hole, Wyoming months prior.  In my flurryI had never looked at the date and noticed it was wrongly booked.  A carload of my staff were already in Jackson Hole.  They had transported a small cargo of timing equipment for the Cache Creek 20K put on by Teton Mountaineering  and a large cargo of backpacks, tents, down sleeping bags, and hiking boots.  This was a yearly pilgrimage, to a place I esteem higher than any place on earth.  The Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming  is a captivating mixture of cowboy, outdoors, treks, lofty crevased peaks, lush valleys, wildlife, and beef ribs and bar-b-que baked beans.  I also highly esteem the people who own, run, and work for Teton Mountaineering.  In exchange for timing the race they give us  a ‘better than Christmas’ shopping spree in their store. It is this opportunity to acquire great gear that is inspiring my remote locations on every continent and making me willing to try trekking  to  and climbing on top of new places.   It is their real adventure stories and adventurous lives that have helped feed my dream to do just that.  I have been savoring time in Jackson all year.

I stood at the counter of Delta and they were telling me I no longer had a travelable ticket.  I had just stayed up all night to ensure the events in LA were staged.  I was too weary NOT to go to Jackson.  I bought a same day ticket and will take up the fight with Expedia as to how the date was  wrongly booked.  The same day ticket cost almost to the penny the same amount as the paint job on the lawyer’s clipped sports car I had tapped in Beverly Hills a few weeks prior. 

I had the programs and computers for the race.  I had to go.   Hard to work this hard and have some things just not work out financially.  But it just happen when you travel a lot.   Happens when you work in a lot of locations.   Lots happens.  I am resolved to that.  That’s being a business owner.  Chances are things are not going to always coordinate although we work so hard to avoid, direct, and manipulate that they do.  Ugh.

I brought three books with me…in the same style I choose  food at restaurants or muffins from a bakery.  Buy three kinds and pick at them over time until they are all consumed.  I have a business book, The Millionaire Mind.  I have a self-help book, Healing the Shame that Binds You.  And I have an adventure book given to me abou kayakers that white water Tibetan waters out of Nepal.  I am mainly reading past their river adventures and into the villages and people they cross paths with.  I will keep you posted on  good tidbits from these books.

A great place on earth!

I landed in Jackson Hole.  It is stunning and the best panoramic I could ever image.  I am sure I will discover more and just as majestic ranges as I tackle my continent marathons.  My staff and daughter are there to greet me and we all laugh at the impossibility of fitting me and my backpack in the overstuffed Toyota Prius.  We somehow do it and take a night run around the perimeter of the town.  We sleep.  I need it so badly and will tackle the race and the Tetons in the days to follow.

Gary Bryant Jr, You are No. 1!

By the way, Gary Bryant Jr, the lit’ tike that is excelling in track just won the 400m at the California State Meet. (see blog, “Runs in the Family”. ) He emailed this pic.  Proud moment! Go, Bryant, go.  I am one of your favorite  fans!

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