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July 4, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Day.

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Re-fueled and feeling like a Superhero!

We decided a great dose of pasta and food would do us good, so I treated my staff and daughter to Bucca Di Beppo. (I always called it  Boca de Pepo…opps).  And I ate…and ate.  I had three servings of spaghetti and the biggest meatball imaginable.  I ate the most delicious salad with artichoke hearts, walnuts, and apples.  And I had sautéed venison.  UMMM. I was stuffed and delightfully happy.  I needed re-fueling. 

EVERYONE was Running on the 4th of July

On the 4th of July,  my Prime Time crews pulled off some fantastic events including the Village Runner Redondo 5K and Ladera Ranch 5K with the Lake Forest 5k the day prior.  Yeah us! After the events I waived the 18 miler I planned on and instead had a nice Thai lunch with my daughter. I listened to my beat body and the hurting ‘hippies’ and trudged the equipment home.

I made sure I got 8 hours sleep and tackled close to 20 miles the next day.  I decided I LIKED my Lake Gregory laps around the lake.  They were predictable.  I could spice it up by starting at the coffee house. I bought a triple chocolate slice of layered cake and an ice blended mocha.  Two of the servers were track kids of mine.  They catered to ‘the coach’ by stashing the mocha in the refrig and leaving a fork next to the cake on the curb…bingo.  Superb aid station every 6 miles! Just so you don’t think I am a total carb junkie, I also stashed a turkey cucumber sandwich and took intermitent bites on the laps.  Save the Ipod struggling to keep a charge I was a stocked and stoked runner.  The miles were rewarding.  Rest was a good choice the day prior.  Starting and ending at a coffee cafe was another.

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