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June 29, 2010

Didn’t pass up Pasadena

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I am so pleasantly revived by spending the night in Pasadena and choosing to go on a run through their residential streets. To celebrate the finality of my Intro to Commercial Class and the Improv, I stayed in town after the near midnight LIVE casting session.  All the hotels and motels were booked with business and tourists in Studio City.  So I expedia-ed hotels and the Langham Huntington Hotel sprung up with a summer special and an invite to spend the day at their spa and gym.  Could I pass that up?  Absolutely…not!   Being that Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite movies, I was taken back…literally to a time of estates and gardens and classical music.  It was so, so soothing.  I was glad for the choice.

I slapped on my shoes and realized I had packed no socks.  Oh well, don’t particularly like that gritty feeling in overused shoes with no socks, but I quickly forgot the discomfort as the houses passed by.  Big houses with tremendous lawns.  Huge established trees with winding driveways.  Into the miles, my ears tickled to a sound that made me smile. It was approaching and I knew I would be rounding the bend upon a camera crew and a shoot in progress.  Sure enough, clank clank.  “Tint the glare, strap the wires.”  It was a big shoot.  A sprawling white very stately house on a grass landscaped knoll was encased in set equipment .  A busy crew was darting about.  I didn’t intend to interrupt, but a   crew member bellowed, “Hey, jogger.  Could you use some cold water?” It was a 90 degree day.

The White House of Pasadena

The busy people all collapsed in states of instant rest.  A break had been called.  So I trotted over and got to watch a crew from Warner Bros. work scenes for a new T.V. series to begin next month on TnT involving two long names and a cop and a doctor. They were equally interested in my pursuit to run a remote marathon on every continent. ( Hey, blog.  I leave for Australia in four short weeks! Pinch).

I went back to the Spa and took hours (an unheard of luxury for me) to jacuzzi, shower, blow dry hair, pick something to wear.  I just couldn’t be in a hurry one day more.  It was glorious.  Soft music and candles. A  good day.  A day I made good. 

I was told that there are only 4 Himalayan Tibetan restaurants in all of the USA and one of those was in Pasadena.  Made sense to look it up. It is called the Tibet Nepal House and is on 36 E. Holly Street, Pasadena, Ca. 91103.  626 585 9955 Open Tues-Fri 1:3-10pm.  Sat. 5pm to 10:30. . 

Karma is from Chyamtang

A little hard to spot as the street entrance is small, but look for the shingle.  Right next door was an equally intriguing Thai restaurant  called the Cafe Linda’s. . It too had a small opening, but you stepped into a cleanly and sleek decorated restaurant .  I liked their use of space, the enclosed kitchen, and the quaintly lined tables. I was torn at which to eat at so I did what my indecisive self does best.  Picked both.

I ordered the Thai food to go and stepped right onto a different continent by entering the Tibet Nepal House.  It smelled so yum.  My running craved body knew it would like what ever they served.  And I did.  A handsome man with a sincere smile boxed up a dish with dry rice and a varieties of sauces that ranged from tasting like homemade split pea soup to a fruit, cream sauce. Something in the demeanor of the Tibetans made me feel like  coming to experience a taste of  this land was a great choice.  I asked the man with the smile that filled his face what his name was.  He said, “karma”.  Oh.   I asked what the other waiter’s name was. He smiled broader.  If that was at all possible and said, “karma’.  I still don’t get it, but even the dishwasher’s was named , Karma.  I asked how to say thank you in Tibetan.  Dhanyabad…pronounced Dang ya bad.  Karma.  Well one of the Karma’s at least was from Chyamtang, Nepal.  Many of them had been Sherpas at Everest.  How very, very interesting.  I am definitely going to find myself back there to learn more about a culture, place, and people who I hope to visit on my remote pursuits of marathons.  How yahoo is that! 

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