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June 22, 2010

Days like today.

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Do you have days like this?  I ran in the heat of the day on purpose.  Very sweaty. I tried to take a shower at a gym that was closed for repairs.  I picked up a delivery we needed and got behind an accident on the freeway.  I was late to an important meeting and had to call a staff to get there and cover for me. I was now sticky sweaty.

My office sent out an email blast posting that Eva Longoria Parker could be sited at an upcoming race.  Unbeknownst to us, Eva Longoria hosted the 2009 event.  Not this year’s event.  The media picked up on the search engines that she might be there and I was getting calls from the event organizers about the misleading blast.  My phone guts had broken off inside and the phone was slowly beeping a dead battery warning with no way to charge it.  I had a full business day with lots of calls and lots of meetings.  I was in my tank of a truck. 

The topper for this day was a premeditated detour to an LA Fitness at Universal Studios .  My intent was to take a shower and get a “look” going other than  the one I had .  The run in the heat at noon and now look and smell like it ” look” wasn’t going to cut it.  The day would end with a class evaluation from a casting director as we did commercial reads into a camera.

So I tried to park around the back at the LA Fitness.  A security guard told me that I did not have a designated pass.  I begged him that my truck was too big to fit in the parking structure for LA Fitness.  He motioned me away. I shot him that finger look with my eyes. (I rarely use it , reserved for these appropiate moments.  That was satisfyling)  I squeezed in the underground parking structure next to another oversized truck.  I was poruing into another space.  Oh well. It just wouldn’t fit anyhwere.

As I was in the shower, the PA announced, “owner of a white Toyota Truck.  It is being towed.”  Are you SERIOUS!  I was naked.  I threw shorts and a jog bra on right over a wet body and took off on the run.  I had one last meeting to make and this important class.  I couldn’t be left stranded in LA. Good thing I can SPRINT.  I caught the driver as he bounced down Ventura Blvd toward the 101 on ramp.  I pounded on his window, and demanded he stop.  He waggled his head no.  I jumped on the passenger side running board of his rig and gave him the look, “you will just have to take me onto the freeway with you then” look.  His eyes widened incredulously.  He exasperatedly slammed on his brakes, flung his door open, and raced around the truck at me. He couldn’t even get the words out…’you crazy lady.’  So he backed up and as slow as molasses disconnected the two rigs.  He kept the wheel locks on while he wrote me up a grand towing bill. Finally, he ever so slowly unhitched the locks when the credit card payment went through.  Are you SERIOUS?  I happened to catch the security guard watching on the corner of the lot.  It obviously was his motive to cause that much hassle to my already hassled day. That is worth reporting to…the air, the wind, I, my blog. I didn’t have any more time to waste about him.  I had a meeting to get to.  I threw my wet hair back in a scrunchie and made for the meeting.  I did my commercial take in my workout outfit and pony tail and …thankfully, the cold read I was handed was about Mortin IB and aches and body pain from working out.  Whew.   Now tell me, do you have days like today?  My body truly aches!

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