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June 18, 2010

Running helps you Fit in The Perfect FIT.

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So a quick cappuccino in the lobby of the ’boutique” motel and off to the running stores to deliver bibs and chips.  My daughter opted to shop on 3rd Street in Santa Monica and I was honestly contented to spend the day at Top to Top in Santa Monica. ( I esteem that store as one of my favorites.  Someone ribbed, “only you, Caren, would consider a running store your favorite place to shop. ”  But there is something so right for me there.  The owner has a great feel for women’s clothing and the fit is right for my lank and hip height.  He carries HardTail and I love the subtle colors and cuts of their clothing.  So much so, I called and asked if the owner and his manager would search for a women’s sweat pant and top that we would enjoy wearing on my National ‘Fabulously fit females” track and field team.  We were a hit. The jackets had that ‘just a little’ extra cut to them and flair on the collar.  And they fit us fine. Thank you. 

So I have to admit.  It was a fun female day popping in and out of the dressing room trying on all kinds of mix and match ideas .  I bought three outfits, two scarfs, and a perfectly fitting pair of racing flats.  Score.  I probably will not shop again until I come back to the store next season.  And thank you Top to Top for offering a discount to the runners that participated in the Amazon Run for the Trees.  20 percent off!

My daughter and I dined on Thai food to avoid the Friday night rush hour traffic.  Guess we didn’t dine long enough.  I pulled onto Santa Monica Blvd with seemly everyone else in Los Angeles.  As we passed the Top to Top store I swung my eyes over to say my respects for a fine shopping day.  Split second salute, but in that time some gals had stepped out into the traffic on a cross walk between the lights.  Red lights blazed everywhere.  I slammed on my brakes, but my tank of a truck was not easily stopped.  STOP.,Stop, Stop, I begged. Futile. BAM.  I firmly  put the bumper into the trunk of  the lady’s car in front of me. SERIOUSLY.  How could that have happened?  That’s two in two days.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Or is it just me… I JUST CRASHED THE TRUCK into a car. SERIOUSLY.  .  Sorry Julie, who ever you are with the beautiful Eastern European accent.  This time my insurance would have to hear about it. Opps. It was a perfect fit. The bumper  in her trunk.

Sporting our new team jackets. A team of fast females over 40 in the USA

Ps.  Spending years running in circles on
a track…fast circles doesn’t compute to long miles on the road or trails.  This attempt to train and do marathons on each
continent is humbling and the unknown a
little daunting.  I am having to admit I am
struggling with the miles, walking a lot of hills lately, and for some stressed reason, crashing into a lot of poles and cars!

On the fast track!

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