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June 17, 2010

Perfect 10s!!!

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My daughter reminded me she had an acting class to audit in NO HO (North Hollywood). A trip back to LA from Lake Arrowhead!!! Ugh.  But I relish the time with her and wasn’t about to let a seventeen year old drive herself to North Hollywood.  Scramble. Pack.  Load the vehicles for packet pick ups.  We had two events for the weekend.  Each had the opportunity to pick up bibs in running stores.  The Culver City 5k/10K was organized by Sporteve, a women’s triathlon, running apparel store on 3849 Main Street, Culver City, Ca. 90232. And the Amazon Foundation Running for the Trees was to have their bibs at TOP to TOP  at 2621 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, Ca. 90403. Both are great running stores.  I love to accessorize in Top to Top so I plunged at the chance to work the packet pick up. It would give me a day to try everything on in the store.  Fun!  So it didn’t make sense to come back to the mountains because we had to be  at these stores early Friday morning.  Another LA hotel stay.  Blah.  But nice to have the company of my daughter.

So, where do the PERFECT 10s come in?  The acting class was held in a studio off of Lankershim.  I couldn’t find it until a call explained that the stairs in the back alley let up to the studio.  Oh, there’s the sign up there.  I see it now.  It was behind a huge red building, the PITFIRE Artisan PIZZA building on 5211 Lankershim Blv, North Hollywood, Ca. .I had a lap top and four hours to kill.  It was the culmination of the basketball championships and the Lakers were one game away from being champs.  All the establishments in North Hollywood were buzzing. I decided to shyly hang at this Pitfire Pizza place.  It had that funk thing I like.  The ovens are fueled with real wood.  The large front patio has a fire fitted bar to sit around and chat an evening away. Kind of cool looking.  And the big screen T.V. had everyone sandwiched in and fixated on the game.  An assortment of people there to cheer. 

Of them, there were these two gals.  Beautiful black skinned,  hair styling, nicely manicured gals. But it wasn’t their outside that was a magnet attraction.  It was their essence from the inside out.  They were thoroughly operating at a ’10’.  They were having a ball and it was contagious.  Not outrageous.  Contagious. They were perfectly comfortable within themselves and they were loving the opportunity and excuse to share their zeal.  It was poetry to watch.  And I got it.  “Take it to a 10, gals”.  They adeptly pulled people in on their stage and conversationally grabbed me from my corner and made me, and everyone else in that room, a welcomed part of their play.  And it wasn’t an act. It became  a pleasure to be there.  Yes, gals…PERFECT 10 performance in my book.  Worth applauding.  I get it.  The Laker’s WON.  And that was the pinnacle.  These girls turned inside out and we all did with them.  Yahoo.   Yahoo.  They screamed…giggled…and then just sighed. They looked around the room and burst, “Wasn’t that the funnest!”.   I felt the gift of their willingness to operate at a 10.

My daughter and I drove through the deserted 405 near midnight.  I had booked a room on Expedia, at the LA Sky Hotel on Westwood Blvd between Olympic and Pico. . I expected it to be in a high rise with a name like that.  So I was following the voice of the navigator in my huge Toyota Tundra truck and shell when… BANG.  What the heck was that?  THAT was someone’s sporty little car.  I still don’t know how we kissed, but BAM we did. The gentleman gets out and we ‘exchange’ the necessary info.  He hands us his card.  My daughter looks at it and without quam asks, ” I see you are a lawyer.  Wouldn’t happen to be a divorce lawyer?  My mom could use a good one.”  Sorry Mark, whoever you are for the hassle of having to fix scraps on our vehicles.  We hope to repair them without using the insurance. I had almost no outward reaction to the banged cars.  I couldn’t even find the rise of a 1 or 2 emotionally. I was spent.

So we FINALLY arrive at this SKY hotel, that is really a dinky motel sandwiched between businesses and near impossible to find.  I was slumped.  But then, was very pleasantly picked up when we walked into the place and it was so invitingly sleek and chic.  The attendant was so helpful.  Their lobby was one of the best espresso bar set ups I have ever seen and the room was very upscale and tastefully modern. I guess these are called “boutique” motels.  Quaint.  Slick.  I liked it.

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