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June 15, 2010


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Hi.  New to my blog?   Click on April and read backwards to this date! I am attempting to run a marathon on every continent.  Run through life with me.

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Got a chance to do a photo shoot among the carpet of blooming poppies out in the high desert near Lancaster. It was a true celebration of being fit and hugging and loving the outdoors. It was the BEST place for me to get to RUN wild. The wind was whipping fiercely and the temperatures were far from spring like. Snow dusted the foothills. But what a backdrop for photos…clouds, sky, flower arrayed hills. Kind of fun to do at my age. Running lets me. I enjoyed today. Even got to do a hill run with sprint repeats this afternoon. Now im in LA hovering. I have a day stacked with meetings tomorrow and it is too far of a drive all the way back to Lake Arrowhead. Sitting in a Days Inn. That’s not so yahoo. Going to go treat myself to yogurt. Bye. Good night blog.

Photography by David Palmer

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