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June 13, 2010

Race days. PRIME TIME intros Instant results instantly!

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We timed some really well staged events this past weekend. For the runners, The Anaheim Downtown 5k was a fast and any ability friendly course with the friendliest and festive set ups.  The enegery behind this event is an avid runner ,Larry Herschler. 

Larry Herschler not only RUNs the race..he runs in his own race!

 I am going to interview Larry and give you some more details behind the people who 

put this fun event on. 

And we timed the Redondo Beach Triathlon.  It is triathlon haven.  The Expo was held at Tri Labs 600 N. Catalina Blvd,  Redondo Beach, Ca. 90277  (310) 374-9100.  If you are contemplating getting into triathlons all you have to do is visit this store.  They have the start up packages: bike, helmet, goggles, swim suit, etc.. and they have exceptional bikes and pro pro everything. It is the all and all triathlon place!   Redondo Beach is a superb place for a triathlon.  The surf is rarely wild and the bluff allows the spectators to have an impactful  perch to watch the entire swim.  That perch presents a hill challenge for the swimmers who have to run from the beach up the bluff, but I think the triathletes will agree that it makes it an ‘event’ that they had to put some push into it, and all the more worth doing.  

Rick and Connie Krump

Rick Krump and his beautiful wife Connie stage the event.  We were too busy doing a great job transitioning all the participants from swim to bike to run to finish that we hardly had time to greet one another.  I am going to contact the Krumps and tell you more about them.  What I do know is that they are raising triplets!  That is unusual.  And that they are very active and have the energy and  life zeal to pull off a great triathlon.

I have great staff that love exploring new ways to bring stats and results to you, the participants.  Brandon Walters is running a wireless system during the Redondo Tri that allows the announcer to let the crowd know who is where, when on the course.  It is very cool.  Yeah, PRIME TIME staff.  Yeah, Brandon for loving electronics!   

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