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June 12, 2010

I EAT therefore I RUN!

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I don’t like to take the time to cook, but I LOVE to eat and like finding fun, funky atmospheres and places to eat. I don’t know about you, but RUNNING inspires my appetite.  Let me introduce you to the places in ‘my neck of the woods’ (San Bernardino Mountains) that I feed myself at . They are not fancy, but  they have the atmosphere.  They have funk.  And they have people behind them.  I like the owners.  I have frequented them so much that they know me.  And I am very interested in their success as I am also a business owner.  So I have three  fav places on the mountain. 

The Robeks Juice place in Lake Arrowhead Village (lower level  by the   A)  is owned by Rosanne.  Yeah, for some healthy fluids to tank bodies.  I get a LOT of quizzical looks when my order is always the 800 Lb Gorilla.  I think I am the only one that orders it. Sorry folks, but it has over 50 grams of protein and my body says yum I need that.   Rosanne is fun, hard-working, and always interested in what her customers are doing in their lives.

Rocky's in Sky Forrest

 ROCKY’s Sandwich Shop in Sky Forest has THE BEST meat on the mountain.  It specializes in juicy, drippy, oozy hot meat sandwiches with the BEST coleslaw.  It is located on Hwy 18 as you leave Arrowhead and head towards Running Springs.  It is an excuse for me to drive the RIM which sports views of the entire So Cal basin.  On clear days you can see Catalina Island and the high rises in LA.  The owner LOVES  wrotweirs (no idea who to spell that) dogs and named the place after his most beloved champion.  He did the decor very mountain style with heavy pine tables and stools, and outdoor picnic benches and it is just fun.  Fun too, is they have a plaque posted on the wall about my running sandwiched between baseball players that also frequent the place.

And The Lake Gregory Coffee Company at 23776 Lake Dr., Crestline, Ca. 92325  (909) 338-8211.  The owner, Steve is by far the hardest working man I have  observed on the mountain.  He is up at 4am baking muffins, he has to die for sandwiches (I have a preference for sandwiches.  You get your meats, your veggies, great bread, and the excuse to eat side dishes that feel like you are on a grand picnic.  This place jams on potato salad and pasta salads.  And they have the drinks.  You name it, they will whip it up for you.  To add atmosphere to the converted gas station gone coffee, Steve has added a touch of the islands and beach to our far removed from the beach mountain.  He built a bar hut that makes me feel instantly back in Tahiti. It is very inviting to sit outside, use the WiFi, and pick any kind of drink.  The atmosphere is set by the coffee shops experienced bartender, Allyson.  It is a greet and meet place and I like it.  So I have parked my truck there many times, announced the mileage I have to do, thereby making an audible commitment to having to finish that mileage and run around a great running track put in my the county that goes all the way around the Lake. These are the three-mile laps I can mix and match because there are trail options too.  So that’s what I do on my mountain.  Run to EAT. 

Steve, the owner is the real McCoy Muffin Man. Allyson is the real deal bartender. Crack up to have the cruise beach motiff on the mountain. FUN!

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