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June 10, 2010

I WORKOUT, therefore I EAT!

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I learned to like  cross training when I knew I had to develop  core strength to meet the goals I was making for myself on the track. I didn’t necessary like lifting weights.  In fact, I felt intimidated and overwhelmed so I hired a personal trainer.  I loved working with a trainer because I didn’t even know where to start or how to properly use any equipment.  Now, I am a gym-aholic, but I promise it is healthy.  It is not an ADDICTION, but a great ADDITION. It is good to move limbs and joints.  It is good to stretch.  It has actual become fun to lift.  I like the results.  And I like the people. When I am on the mountain,  I like to train at a fitness club in Twin Peaks on Hwy 189.  777 Rose Lane,  Twin Peaks, Ca. 909 337 7071.  The new owner’s name is Cory.  He is the model lifter….literally.  He has won many body building competitions.  What a great combination of dedicated athlete and easy going people person.

Justin and Monica are dedicated lifters. We are a consistent three in our local mountain gym.

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