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June 6, 2010

Hot stuff!

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I had to run long.  I was exhausted from the past month…past 6 months.  Running 16 miles seemed daunting. I choose to run around Lake Gregory in Crestline.  It was a 5k around the lake and I could mix each lap up by running lower trails or the packed down running path on the roadside.  I liked the route.  To commit myself I choose to drive through the town and park at the Lake Gregory Coffee Shop.  It’s a fav place for me.  The owner bakes great muffins and baked goodies and makes fresh, killer sandwiches that are only made better by great coffees and mochas. I am greatly motivated by what I get to eat when I finish running! And, by making an announcement in the lobby that I was going to run that far, it would make me have to.

But the weather had finally acted like summer. I didn’t even pay attention that the valley was experiencing scorching temperatures of  over 100.  It had to have been over 90 even up at this 3,800 elevation.  I heated up and stayed that way.  And I didn’t feel well by the seven mile mark.  Wow.  I was toasting.  About 10 miles in I was toasted.  I couldn’t believe it.  It didn’t seem to matter what conditioning my body had, I was not responding well to the heat.  Maybe I did not hydrate well enough.  Eat right.  Or have enough sleep.  Whatever, I was dragging.  I actually hovered in the shade trees for a few minutes to regain motivation to keep going. It was breezy, so it couldn’t be that hot.  It was actually pleasant to hear kids playing on the sandy beaches, and paddles hitting the sides of canoes.  Subtle summer sounds drifted over the lake.  Zing.  A fisherman casting.  Cha..plunk.  A rock thrown into the water.  But dang.  Those last 3 miles…that last lap was torture.  I trudged back to my truck and took  my sandwich order to go.  I had no appetite.  That was HOT.

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