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June 3, 2010

This NEWTON is not a fig.

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My test pilot shoes n my left big toe! I painted the skin to look like a nail.Shhh.

Had a hectic day aside from attending a funeral.  One of the important stops for me was meeting the reps that were putting on a symposium at Runnergy for their newly released shoe, The NEWTON.  It was designed to put the runner’s strike on the balls of the foot.  Perfect placement for my feet.  I am a sprinter by trade and this design  makes my foot naturally roll to the next stride. Check out the  shoe and the dynamics behind its design on

Of course, the day dominoed and I was running behind at every stop I had to make.  First stop, the Glendale City College track to do intervals with steeple barricades.  I got a parking ticket for not parking in a correctly designated area.  Second, a fast rehearsal of our commercial script for the class.  I got a reprimand from an officer for jaywalking across a street in Burbank.  Opps. After a quick, quick Thai stretch and massage,  I end up at Runnergy with only a few minutes before I needed to head to the class.  The Newton rep knew I knew the shoe so he slapped on a tester pair and told me to take them for a test spin outside.  It produced honks and  geers from rolled down windows.  I was still in a dress from the funeral.  I am sure Ventura Blvd was wondering why the heck a gal was sprinting up and down the street in a dress with tennies!  The shoes make me sprint with perfect form.  Humm. I am impressed and will give you and update as to how wearing them, getting used to the angles, and training in them goes.

Designed to strike on the balls of your feet. Interesting.

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