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June 1, 2010

How sad is sads.

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Bryan took his passon for running and turned it into compassion for the condition that took his wife's life,

I went to Balboa Park to meet with a gentleman that was putting on Sads Run for Rosanna on July 25, 2010 at Balboa Park in Van Nuys. Check out

Who is Rosanna, I ask. I could tell this tall, nicely dressed gentleman possessing poise and stature was a lifetime athlete. Rosanna, he said, looking me straight in the eyes than taking his eyes away, had been his beautiful wife that died suddenly and instantly. I think he said he was away serving in the armed forces when it happened. His voiced had trailed off in his unwillingness to give it too much more explanation. Oh, I ignorantly said. I had no idea what SADS was. He said they had decided to do something about it. Get people more aware of what it is. And provide funding to help diagnosis and keep others alive. SADS stands for Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes. SIDS is the infant form of it.( I wonder if this is what FloJo died from? ) He said his wife and gone for years undiagnosed…that no one labeled her fainting spells until it was too late. That is sad.  Sads produced sad for this man and he is willing to do something about it.  Good for him.

ON THE SCORE side of life, I returned to commercial class tonight. I got in the camera room to read my lines which were hand written and hanging by a sheet.  It was the same paper the teacher used on the easel in kindergarten. This is actually how they present script at an audition. I started in and immediately could feel myself in trouble. I was laboring through the lines. I didn’t even believe what I was saying. Drone. Drone. Pathetic. How was that going to sell them on me or sell anything for that matter! Again, the director’s face came around from the camera. She whenched. “Let’s talk. Let’s help you capture this.” Ok. That would be good. We were doing a story board for a juicy, ozzing beef and cheese sandwich that was the mother lode of all burgers. A rock star sandwich that made people come from all over at all hours of the day to devour. She asked. “What makes you ravenously hungry? And who would you share this desire to devour a food? ” Ok. I could feel this. No doubt I could eat a horse after a long run…those over 2 1/2 hour plus runs that make me trot by restaurants wafing smells at my tummy. The more miles, the more I begin churning for the fattest, most fattening hunk of juicy meat I can find. Perfect visual;  a burger piled almost too high to get a mouth around it. And the whom?  A  running partner would feel the same ravenous way. I pulled from a memory. I was taking too long after a long run. My running partner wailed that his body had to have food now, fast, and with beef. No time to wait. Skip the shower. Indulge. And now!

Yes. I could picture this. So I did. And I redid the commercial take. AND IT MAGICALLY came together in a real, believable, fun to watch segment. The director jumped off the chair and applauded. “That was on the money, superbly done. I liked it. I liked you in it. Well, well done.” Damn. Whew. I was thankful for something I could finally make a connection to. I was thankful that running could make me so HUNGRY.
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