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May 27, 2010


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Since I was in Sherman Oaks I called up RUNNERGY, a running store at 14082 Ventura Blvd. (818-905-0020 if you are looking for a running store in this town. Owner’s name is Jeff. asked them about running courses other than Fryman Canyon. Running those same daunting hills over and over were getting to me. They said they had a group that met at their store on Wednesday evenings at 7pm for an easy 4 miler. I had an improv class at that time and actually needed 10 miles in the morning. I found their course on their website in the calendar section under group runs. Ohhh. There’s a map. Good warm up course. I also took the cursor and moved around the area. There was a green strip named Dixie Canyon. Interesting. I ran for it. Took Valley Heart Dr. off of Ventura west of Coldwater Canyon and went left on Dixie Canyon. This green belt was at the dead end of the road. Dixie Canyon went off to the right and this alley way kept going straight. Dang it was steep. And then there was a footpath, almost too overgrown, but there. It was even steeper. Amazing. Ruggid foilage so close to Ventura Blvd. I had to do the ‘run till you can’t, walk till it gets easy, and haul ass down hill.” The trail was a short loop, but heck…it was outdoorsy. Half way through I noticed leaves that grew in threes with a twing of red on them. Isn’t that poision oak?!! I had a black spec crawling on my white Nike shirt. Aug. A tick. Fling. I dropped back down to the paved Dixie Canyon and ran up…and up..and up. It turned into a dirt road that ran up…and up..and up. I was getting plastered and I am from 6,000 feet in the mountains. Quite a run I didn’t mean to tackle. Needless to say, I took a cold, soapy shower back at the motel…and hope to miss the experience of an ichy rash from poision oak and believe I checked every inch for ticks!

Improv class had an even stronger reprimend for my disconnected behavior. “You need to LISTEN to what the other stage persons are saying. You can’t take charge. You are killing me.” I am killing myself…trying. I think the suicide of the teen last week, the pressure of the race schedules with its deadlines, missing the friendship of ‘the voice’ were clogging my mind, but it is so more core than that. The instructor was trying so thoroughly to get through to me. How can I put into words why I don’t have natural connection? How can I explain to these people where I have come from; what I have come through. This was striking up the entire emotional orchestra in me. There’s that dang childhood thing again. Allowing new learned responses in me is the very reason I put myself into these classes. Can I admit I cried all the way home. That’s a lot of crying. It takes 2 solid hours to drive back up the mountains and I was doing so at 1am in the morning.   I think self will and obstinacy is an area I could use some growth in.

Runner’s World has an article  in the June issue on running hills, entitled “So inclined”.  It is a great read and makes sense.  I hardly can think about form when I am running a hill.  I think ‘uggggg’. Yes, life feels like I  am on an uphill route right now.

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