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May 24, 2010


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In case you didn’t know, I own and operate PRIME TIME, an event race timing company. We database all the entrants, assemble bibs and chips, bring all the computerized, technical timing equipment, set up scaffoldings and chutes, registration areas, and staff the major portions an event to ensure the event gets accurate times and division places are presented. In order to make a living at it, it we time close to 120 events per year. That is 2 to 6 events per weekend save Christmas, Easter, and only a handful of other off dates. For the most part, I am on the road, on the go every weekend. They call me “the weeker’ as opposed to a weekender in the mountains where I reside. We have a great reputation that we work hard at. This past weekend we timed the SB Mud Run, the first of an IRONKIDS series race in San Diego, a 5k/10K in Claremont, and a race at CBS Studios. There is usually very little sleep as the alarm goes off at 3am and we begin setting up at 4am.

So I ran today from CBS Studios. ( I decided to watch the final stage of the Tour of California on the 8pm T.V. coverage rather than race up the road and fight my way to the finish) I needed at least a 13-15 mile run. Didn’t make it too far. There was a cool farmer’s market. I ran back to my truck and grabbed an ATM card. Ran to a bank and got cash. Ran back to the farmer’s market and had fun picking out sprouts, beans, an assortment of lettuce, organic carrots,cucumbers ,and all the fixings to make a killer salad. Plus there were raisins and nuts from Arvin, just over the grapevine in Central California. Delicious. Cracked the windows in the truck, inserted my bags of good goodies, turned the generator off in the back of my truck that was charging my Ipod…and finally started to run. I ran all over. Through neighbors to Tujunga Blvd and back on Ventura . Then I turned for the hills at Laurel Canyon and Fryman Canyon. Ugh. It became a huge problem. The weight of the weekend, lack of sleep, the cycling to the Artic Circle to view Friday’s Tour of California didn’t really take charge until I tried to charge up a hill. I couldn’t do it no matter how hard I willed. I wanted to throw up. I stopped and walked twice and took the rest of it at a crawl. I haven’t had to do that in a while and it was humbling. So I listened to my body and dropped back down and just ran flat miles.

Hey, when I am not so tired I am going to tell you about the PRIME TIME crew in the picture…they were the Belmont Boys plus a gal and it is quite a RUNNER’s story.

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