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May 23, 2010

Down Right Dirty!

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We timed the San Bernardino Sheriff’s MUD RUN today. It was held at their training academy in Devore. Couldn’t ask for a more moon scape place to host mud pits and obstacles. But, better yet, couldn’t ask for a better set of BOYS to tactically plan and stage such an event. It, bar none, was the most epic start of any race I have ever timed…ever. Instead of snow fencing to coral the close to 3,000 starters, they used patrol squad cars. 20 of them. Right before the race went off they synched the sirens on all the cars .Fire trucks starting spraying down the crowd. Not only did they do the traditional national anthem, they brought in the guard and dropped the largest American Flag I have ever seen wave from a huge boom lift. The starting platforms for the officials were two huge, huge earth mover trucks. Just looked the part even before the race started.
Right before the gun went off, helicopters (one piloted by a Sheriff friend of ours, Mike Ells) came for a fly by…kinda of. They then dipped in an did a one skid plate landing as pink smoke bombs were tossed and blowing. As they came in just feet from the finish dust dramatically blew everywhere…and army tactic men poured out of the bellies of the copters shooting blank bulleted machine guns. It that wasn’t the ‘real live performance’ when the gun went off they blew up 1000s of gallons of water and a ditch and fireworks went off everywhere. WOW! We ran back to the finish with the timing computers, grit in our teeth from smiling so much. It was very COOL.
The participants got their money’s worth. There were over 100 obstacles to maneuver through, under, and over. It got boggier and boggier as the crowd waded through and finally people were down right stuck in the mud. Hilarious and triumphant, people were having a kick trying it. They even let the kids have a go at a shorter distance. Should have seen the looks on some of those little girl’s faces. “What the heck did I do this for…now I am all dirty?!” We couldn’t help, but get dusted out too. My staff just jumped in and handled the caked and oozy crowd. If we hadn’t had to race off to three afternoon packet pick ups we would have jumped in the bogs with them! Thank you San Bernardino County Sheriffs for an, in the trenches, day . We need more chances to our guards down and get DOWN RIGHT DIRTY!

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