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May 11, 2010

Fender bender/ Bummer Bumper/And not again!!!

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I don’t even want to admit this, but I have a big red gash and crumpled dent in my new Toyota  tundra’s bumper.  The little dent was from valet parking in Beverly Hills.  I had to out do that  at the car wash. I kissed one of those red poles meant to keep you from hitting the corner of the building.  It was not visible looking over my huge dash.  And…I was talking on the cell phone, again trying to get multi things done at once.

I was finalizing flight options with Marathon Tours for my jaunt to the Australian Outback. The adventure there is now  starting to take on my personality and  include open jawed jumps to Melbourne, Tanzania, and New Zealand.  Too far to go to not take a look around!   The agent, Kelly, got acquainted to the other part of my personality. I  told her to scratch the last leg of my itinerary. I just spent it on a bumper.  This is the second time I have crumpled this big truck into something in its short life.

In December,  I found myself sliding backward down Hwy 189 in the first snow storm of the season. On shear black ice, in ever so slow motion , desperately trying to steer the truck looking over my shoulder to no avail.  I was on a four-wheel, inner tube toboggan ride. I plowed into a guard rail and the full truck tonnage pressed into the shape of the guard rail.  . Ugh.  Expensive.  I am having some expensive lessons in life lately.

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