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May 11, 2010

Look what I found in the Produce Section

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Chris Frost

I had some time to kill between a morning cycling meeting (Amgen Tour de California event promoters were going over event details with Ex Mayor Dick Riordan , 80 yr old avid cyclist ,and other venture capitalists  while biking from Brentwood to Playa del Rey for breakfast and back. Now that was ‘wheeling and dealing’! ) and an afternoon walk through set up for the Malibu Creek Xterra Trail Run.  I was enjoying the California coastline in Malibu along Pacfic Coast Hwy.  

 I passed the Green Produce Market.  Looks interesting. I turned in.  It was a great, nichy health food store with chefed foods , killer baked goods, and organic produce.

The shopper at the counter in front of me had ‘EVENT’ written all over him. I could sense energy, confidence, and zeal.  More than a typical runner.  Something about him said more than a typical triathlete.  I had to ask.
Meet Chris Frost.  Been sporty all his life.  Started with water ski racing and moved into Ironmans, running, and more running.  Seemed like a natural progression, he said, to end up in ultras.  Ultras included the Race Across the Sahara and I think he said 4 or 5 Badwater to Whitneys.  These are not your typical races.  Badwater starts in Death Valley in July at 10am…on purpose…and runs through the night to Whitney Portals at almost 10,000 feet.  A typical training run for this took him from Mailbu over the hills to Newberry Park and back, runs that were up to 40 miles.  GHEEZ. And he says he spends a lot of time on the Colorado River at the Parker Strip.  There he runs to the dam and back in the heat of the day.  A 33 mile course.  WHEEZ.
 He had a host of people he got to ‘hang’ with by doing these events…Scott Tinley, Bob Babbit, Lance Armstrong ,when he was an up and coming triathlete.  He shared that the BEST part of having these events in his life were the people.  They were far from one-dimensional.  He told me to look up Marshal Ulrich and Louise Cooper, that they were giants in the Ultra community.  I asked him if I could feature him in our next monthly e-blast.  I loved the conversation and hope to take his interview tidbits with me on my continental marathon journey…and who knows, I may just wind up running Across the Sahara or from Badwater to Whitney.  It sure sparked  the wick in me.
Here’s his tidbits. “Treat the System with respect.”  Meaning, honor the other athletes, the event promoters, the support crews, and yourself and you will grow a family so worth having.  The people you meet with have depth and backgrounds.  It is so so worth it.  ” To complete these is all about mind set”.  He said plan with your mind and your body will follow.  Interesting.  I was having to learn that. I had gotten an email from the World Champion Heptathlete.  She is a very strong, beautiful athlete from Austrailia.  It read, “Caren.  When your mind matches your body, you will be my fiercest competition.”  She explained at a World competition how she could ” yo yo” me all over the track and manuever me out of beating her when I was possilby  stronger, fitter, and definitely well trained, but my focus and confidence were not leading my body.  Chris said heres how you run ultras, “run up hill till you can’t, walk till it gets too easy, and haul ass down hills!”
Hearing from a ‘real deal’ ultra  lite a wick of enthusiasm in me.  I asked Chris to describe a signature moment during an event.  He said the tall guy in the photo and he were struggling toward the finish of the grueling Sahara.  It was a faint, far away light on the top of a huge sand dune.  They carried packs to be survival sufficient.  All through the night they pushed each other along, wanting to give in, but never giving up.  When they finally, triumphantly overtook that light, they could sit a top that vista and see lights strewn across the dunes and desert for miles and miles.  The lights were all the other competitors that gave in and bivsacked for the night.  They got to rest in the fact that they were done and those lights were out there still surviving.  The mental picture of being out there…the challenge , it all lures me.

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