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May 10, 2010


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Juan works for Heaven Massage on corner of Sunnyslope and Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks

Been running since the motel wake up call at 6am. Meeting at an Ihop, meeting with the LA Cancer Challenge. Going over their intricate, well staged event and all our new electronic features. Meeting on the 16th floor of a high-rise in Beverly Hills. Quick lunch meeting over the eblast newsletter. Meeting in Burbank with marketers. Appointment with Heaven Massage in Sherman Oaks and the Thai guy, Juan ,who has his work cut out stretching and working on my sore IT bands, hams, back, gluts. It is all tight and sore. He works hard and is focused and very good at what he does. The Thai follow how the body connects and combine deep tissue work, massage, and stretching. It is a necessary combination for me. He talk in english words, not sentences. “You muscle like stone”. “You drink no little water”, ‘You no run so much.” “work, quick, quick”. He has become my ‘safe’ place to get a massage. He won’t be chapters in the book like my last massage specialist/trainer.

I end today with my first introduction to commercials class held at the home of the casting agent/instructor. It goes from 7 to 11:30pm. Check out My navigator steers me wrong and I end up on a dead-end street and late to class. Bum.
I need these classes as much as I need massage and stretching. This, combined with the improv class, are allowing me to learn communication techniques, style, poise, and how to accept being in front of a camera. Lots about a person comes out on stage. More comes out in front of a camera. I was too conscious of all the outside distractions that I look distracted on camera. Really distracted. Same with life right now. I couldn’t help, but wonder off and all day what the man with the voice’s work day was like?

Long drive home. I am weary. Flashing red lights overpower me. Now I am really weary. A PA announces, pull over. They thought they had a DUI red-handed. Nope. Just a person that ran ragged all day. That is not the fun kind of running.

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