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May 10, 2010

Let’s take a vote, which Marathon should I run?

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Check these two races in great remote destinations…on the same weekend. A big choice. Aspire to do one this year and the other the next, but I am so torn on which to choose this August 2010/ Check them out for me and see what you think. THE FLYING TORTOISE MARATHON,a marathon on the Galapagos Islands off the shore of Ecudor. The great draw is the personal invite from Rick, Bere, and Roley…whoever they are. Doesn’t matter. You feel invited and like you know them just from their emails and blurbs on their website. They are doing this for all the right reasons! Their website is friendly. They are invitingly thrilled to share their island, their towns, their exotic, one of a kind place on earth. I KNOW this is the adventure I am soaking for, but something is telling me to patiently wait on this one…and honestly, I was hoping to share an experience like this with my running buddy so ouch. I have traveled to so many events and places , many alone. I am not sure why this one has a pang to go there alone. It just does. So let’s see what happens. Maybe I will meet people along the runs and roads I take to train and I will celebrate the friendships it brings a year from now. Who knows. Maybe I will be brave enough by next year to try it alone. Maybe my business will go broke and I don’t travel! It’s all a part of of the unknown journey. It’s the part that I need to let go and just let it happen.

The OUTBACK MARATHON is smack in the heart of Austrailia’s outback . It is remote, remote and not a financially easy endeavor to get to. Airlines are costly. Losing almost two days in flying there is costly. But there is so much to explore in Austrailia. To make it a full adventure, you could fly in through Sydney, out through Melbourne, hop over to Tazmania (now that’s going from hot to cold!), and end with a talespin few days in New Zealand. Doeable.

Today is Mother’s Day. My son came home from college to slap some meat on the bar-b-que. With that atmosphere set, the bar-bie blazing ,he announces in a Aussie accent that he is going with me ‘down under’. My daughter’s ears perked up and were almost willing to give up a few weeks of teenagehood to try an exploration like Austrailia. Now there is a relationship investment worth traveling for…time and adventure with your kids.

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