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May 9, 2010


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I had my staff time the Xterra Malibu Creek Trail Run so I could run the 22K.  Be reminded I am the track runner, excelling in flat laps around a track.  So taking on a course that has an elevation profile  that looks like an erratic heart beat pattern on a heart monitor was foreboding.  This Xterra course is supposed to be the granddaddy of all Xterra trail runs with an almost 3 mile steady climb up something they call Bulldog.  It immediately decends, blitzing  over 2 miles into a hot valley.  Heart beat hills thereafter…and some calf cramping switchbacks they called “the Backbone” just miles before the finish.   Check out the elevation profile on website

I was so thoroughly taken by the beauty of the area.  The first few miles were actually level through a valley that looked like the floor of Yosemite.  California had finally had a wet winter and the grass and creeks were  in glorious health. There  was stunning vastness and views on the  crests of the Santa Monica mountains and the blue Pacific to backdrop it all.  I was awed save the added challenge of the marsh with the thousands of swarming black bees.  Seriously, we had to run through a 400 yard of buzzed and angry bees…the kind you see in Winnie the poohs invaded bee hives.  They were ground bees and didn’t like their ground being shaken by our pounding feet on the path.

The run was the oddest sensation….the ohh, this is breathtaking with the combined, ugh…this is taking my breath.   Feel good.  Feel bad.  I couldn’t help, but have these miles set the mood for how I was feeling about  losing my running buddy relationship. My breaking heart was brutal, as brutal as these hills, but could I  softened it, somewhat,  with reminding myself of the beauty there is in getting to know another person even though losing them hurts this bad.

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